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Allotments in Earley

The Culver Lane allotments are the only ones in Earley. More information, including signing up for an allotment, is available from Earley Town Council, who own and manage the site. There is normally a waiting list for an allotment. Full and half-plots are available, or you can even rent a 4' x 10' raised bed, or Veg Trug.
The Huntley & Palmer Allotment Association is active on the site, with of course our Trading Shed, and a member of our committee meets regularly with the council to ensure the smooth operation of the site. Here's some Useful Information for new or potential plot-holders.

Allotments in Reading

Reading Borough Council has a number of allotment sites, some near to Earley. The Bulmershe Allotments, just off Church Road, actually in Woodley, is the nearest to the the Earley allotments. East Reading Horticultural Society has a trading shed on the site.

Allotments in Woodley

The Reading Road site is the biggest in the area, with 365 plots. It is owned and run by Woodley Town Council. There is an active Tenants Association.